The car is from the year 1955 and imported to Finland. Original colour has been black and blue, interior of wine red leather as it is now. The number of the car is 88075 and seems to be one of the last to build. We have bought the car 1983 and made the total restauration for it. Car was museum inspected 1986. Same year the car wone 2nd price in restauration quality in Auto 100 years occasion and also later round  1995 2nd price in Concours de Elegance race. During the years we have taken part in many Oldtimer rallies winning different kind of prices and the car has runned well without any trobles. The car has been furnished with additional heather(water) and also with Schöneburg radio (has been working, but not in use now). There is also outside lighter with mirrow on the left A-pillar.


Now the car is not inspected, last date was 30.06.2017, otherwise it is in good running order and it has been stored in dry, warm garage all the time.

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